The Power of Wellness

Hello, my name is Carol Long.  I am a gerontological nurse who is beginning a new practice in senior wellness and geriatric care management.  In my years of nursing practice, I have had the opportunity to work with many seniors.  Each has enriched my life in a unique way and taught me valuable lessons.  I hope to be able to share these experiences through my business, community activities and this blog…I invite and welcome your input.  You are the ones who hold the wisdom and inspire me and others in healthcare.

Through SOZO Senior Wellness, my new business, I hope to empower seniors in their journey through aging and the families walking with them.  I want to shift the concept from “taking care of” to “supporting and partnering with”.  The connotation of care-giving can be nurturing and positive but it can also  diminish a senior’s power if they are not given choices or their wishes are not honored.  Through wellness concepts we are able to build on a client’s  strengths.  We address the challenges of aging from a different perspective.  We can provide tools, resources, education and support for the journey.

Wellness can be woven gently into the senior years.  It should be personal and individual, not a cookie-cutter program forced on someone.   Dimensions of Wellnessphysical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, vocational and environmental describe all aspects of our lives. By appreciating the connection between body, mind and spirit we begin to see that wellness is more than the absence of illness as once thought.  It is striving for the highest level of health possible and living life to its fullest.

I invite you to share your thoughts on incorporating wellness into a senior’s life.

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