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The Gift from the Caregiver

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Over the past month, I have heard the Christmas classic , “The Little Drummer Boy”, played hundreds of times on the radio.  I  enjoyed it every time.  I think it defines the “gold standard” for gift giving.  It is the story of a small, poor boy,  simply and honestly giving of himself to a very important recipient.  The magnitude and value of that small gift is evident in the song.  Many of us hustle around looking for the ultimate gift for those we care about, but there are  others who are quietly giving that gift year round.  They are the caregivers providing physical care, support, and love to family members, friends, church members and even clients.  Many of them feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the needs of their family or cares but strive to provide more care for them as their needs change.  These caregivers not only address the physical needs of their loved ones but also needs in all areas of life and wellness…spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental and the person’s need for  purpose.  Often, caregivers  do not consciously realize the scope of their role.  They do it out of love and intuitively.  It can be extremely difficult.  I hope these caregivers realize what an incredible gift they are giving their loved ones.  It is a gift of  self, love, respect, time and support.  It is the gift that allows the person to be; as healthy as they can possibly be, as autonomous as they can possibly be, as creative as they can possibly be and as happy as they can possibly be.  It is not a gift that can be purchased. 

 Many adult children of seniors are faced with difficult decisions.  Considering options and all the needs of their senior is so very important.   Sometimes there is a seemingly easy solution but it is often not in the senior’s best interest.  Giving the situation loving attention and energy to find the best solution for the senior and the entire family is the greatest gift an adult child or other family member can give! 

For the people who may not be able to express their thanks and for those who do not even realize they have the ultimate gift, I personally thank all of you caregivers for your gifts to your family and cares.  Daily, you bring gifts and you honor those to whom you give.  You are truly giving the greatest gift of all!  Knowing that you have done so is your gift to yourself as well.   Cherish it and hold it gently, close to your heart so you can bring it forward whenever you need it.  Bless you.